Paree brings India’s first 3-seconds absorption sanitary napkin

New Delhi : Soothe Healthcare, a young award-winning company engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Feminine Health & Hygiene products introduces Paree Heavy Flo Champion sanitary pads, disrupting the Indian market. Laboratory tested and proved, the revolutionary Paree sanitary pad offers a never-before quick absorption and a feeling of dryness, in just 3 seconds.

The innovative product uses a unique channel flow and core formation that helps in quick absorption, giving wetness-free feeling specially during the heavy flow days. One of its kind in India, Paree introduces the best in class pad construction using imported raw materials. The top layer of the pad is covered by spun-bond non-woven fabric which makes it soft. The superior performance is owing to its perforated sheet which absorbs within 3 seconds and gives a soft feel leading to a rash-free and worriless experience.

Sahil Dharia, Founder & CEO of Soothe Healthcare said, “We are a Research & Development focused company that understands the many avatars of the Indian woman and creates products for her personal hygiene needs.Discomfort faced by women during their periods hits the peak during the sudden, crippling heavy flow moments.Regular sanitary pads have never been able to satisfy this massive consumer need.
Pareesanitary pads have been tested and proved to be the fastest absorbing napkin which can absorb in just 3 seconds- we are very proud of our product!”

To support the launch of new product, Paree launched its TVC campaign positioning the brand as Heavy Flow Champion and is based on the concept of 3 seconds absorption – ‘1-2-3, I’m wetness free’.To stay true to its claim of Heavy Flow Champion, Paree sanitary pads did not use the dummy blue fluid in product test window& chose to stay close to reality to connect with the customer. Further, being a progressive and modern-day company, the communication addresses the real Period issues using the words “Heavy Flow” rather than whispering about it.

The first TVC was launched in October last year and the second TVC is currently on air.Both the TVCs showcase different situations in the life of a progressive women who overcome heavy flow worries during their moments of glory.

Paree Heavy Flo Champion Dry Feel XL- These Pads have specially designed absorbent funnels that trap fluid inside and prevent leakage making it perfect for your Heavy Flow Days. Its wider back helps in extra protection, no wetness, makes you feel dry throughout. Available in a pack of 6, 20 priced at Rs 25, Rs 80 respectively.

Paree Super Soft XL- These Super Soft Pads prevent rashes & itching.Its unique channel flow with wider back helps in quick absorption & no leakage; making it perfect for Heavy Flow Days with total comfort. Available in a pack of 6,20 & 40 and priced at Rs 30, Rs. 99 &Rs 199 respectively.

Paree Ultra Thinz XXL- These super soft pads come with added gel technology which results in Quick absorption and no leakage. This ultra-thin pad with wider back and fragrance is ideal for heavy flow days and uses at night. Available in pack of 6 & 30 and priced at Rs. 55 &Rs. 270 respectively.